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02-27 04:14 - 'Claim to a free stock when you sign up and join Robinhood using my link. / [link] / Than you can sell it on there for btc, or dogecoin, or eth ;)' by /u/cheeboo420 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 316-326min

Claim to a free stock when you sign up and join Robinhood using my link.
Than you can sell it on there for btc, or dogecoin, or eth ;)
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I've decided to sell all my Bitcoin for Dogecoin. I'm also submitting to the religion of Shiba Inu, as the One True Doge is our only Savior.

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In order to avoid the risk, should I now sell Bitcoin, buy Dogecoin money?

In order to avoid the risk, should I now sell Bitcoin, buy Dogecoin money?
submitted by coinzone to Bitcoin [link] [comments] will not only be accepting bitcoin, but we've decided to switch our payment gateway in next 48 hours to to GoCoin, and accept dogecoin + bitcoin, and litecoin, we're going to keep all crypto and not sell to the US. We're also trying to get our suppliers to take BTC as well. will not only be accepting bitcoin, but we've decided to switch our payment gateway in next 48 hours to to GoCoin, and accept dogecoin + bitcoin, and litecoin, we're going to keep all crypto and not sell to the US. We're also trying to get our suppliers to take BTC as well. submitted by masoneyewear to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Will the ability to buy/sell dogecoin in robinhood help decouple it from the price of bitcoin?

I saw a post a bit ago saying how the price of doge so closely reflects that of bitcoin because you have to buy bitcoin in order to buy doge (and vice versa). I'm just a v young pup and i don't actually know much about how all that works, so I was hoping some of you beautiful shibes could give me a small knowledge.
Since Robinhood is adding the ability to buy and sell doge with usd, will (or could) that have any effect on the price of doge and will/could that possibly decouple the price of doge from that of bitcoin? Is that even something you all want?
much luv and many thank <3
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If you have a coinbase wallet for bitcoin and willing to sell some doge, help this shibe have some dogecoin.

If you have a coinbase wallet for bitcoin and willing to sell some doge, help this shibe have some dogecoin. submitted by norsvast to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Could I just trade Bitcoin for Dogecoin instead of selling to fiat?

What I'm trying to ask is, when Bitcoin in high and I want to sell, could I just trade it for Dogecoin and when Bitcoin is low again, but Bitcoin with my Dogecoin? I figured since Dogecoin seems pretty stable, this would be a better option instead of trading back and forth to fiat.
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I own a full Bitcoin for the first time thanks to Dogecoin but i wont be selling anytime soon *TO THE MOON*

I own a full Bitcoin for the first time thanks to Dogecoin but i wont be selling anytime soon *TO THE MOON* submitted by Stu4Two to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Open Trading DOGE / NYAN at market rates. Buy Nyancoin or sell it for Dogecoin: I have you covered. (I am also willing to accept Bitcoin!)

Hi, I see many people confused about the price of NYAN, so in an effort to stabilize it and provide some opportunities for people to buy I am going to attempt trading it today. I am americanpegasus, one of the most famous Dogecoin buyers and sellers so you have zero-risk when you are dealing with me. My Doge market feedback can be viewed here: (
This will be a learning process for both of us, but I will get to orders first come first serve. If I sell out of a given quantity of a coin, I can't promise the prices won't increase if demand is higher than I anticipate. I am setting my initial rates according to the few open markets that currently carry Nyancoin in an effort to be fair. Also, I will be making the language as clear as possible:
These rates can change at any time; please update to see latest rates! I buy / sell first come first serve, and I can't guarantee any prices until I talk to you directly. If you are interested in buying with Bitcoins, PM me and we'll discuss the rates. If you want to make a bulk purchase larger than the current offering, ask and I'll tell you the rate.

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Shibes beware, large whale is currently shorting dogecoin. Do not fall for their trick and sell out at loss. Take this opportunity to convert your Bitcoin to Dogecoin today, before the whale cover their position

In finance, short selling (also known as shorting or going short) is the practice of selling securities or other finance at low price, and subsequently repurchasing them ("covering"). In the event of an interim price decline, the short seller will profit, since the cost of (re)purchase will be less than the proceeds which were received upon the initial (short) sale. Conversely, the short position will be closed out at a loss in the event that the price of a shorted instrument should rise prior to repurchase.
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I've decided to sell all my Bitcoin for Dogecoin. I'm also submitting to the religion of Shiba Inu, as the One True Doge is our only Savior. /r/btc

I've decided to sell all my Bitcoin for Dogecoin. I'm also submitting to the religion of Shiba Inu, as the One True Doge is our only Savior. /btc submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Looking to sell my bitcoin for dogecoin. Help?

I have 0.0006961 BTC (about 50¢ USD) I am looking to trade for dogecoin. I'm jumping off the bitcoin ship and wanna get in the dogecoin submarine! Help?
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In order to avoid the risk, should I now sell Bitcoin, buy Dogecoin money? /r/Bitcoin

In order to avoid the risk, should I now sell Bitcoin, buy Dogecoin money? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Anyone in Denver want to help me build a website to sell wallets, I want the site to accept Dogecoin and Bitcoin.

Im new to crypto currencies, but i see a future. I have a prototype of a simple and efficient wallet for today's era and this forum and it's nice people have mede me want to start something i have been wanting to for a while. Thanks.
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[STORE] Quickselling 2 unusuals and selling 1 unusual + random junk that I am trying to sell [W] Keys, offers, bitcoins, and even dogecoins(Would prefer dogecoins over bitcoins, but I would atleast want some keys or items)

Hello there! I am looking to sell a few items that are either lower than the price or in the middle
Quicksell items:
Unusual Bubble Pipe Blizzardy Storm: 1.5 buds. SOLD
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Strange Non-Craftable RoBro 3000: 11 keys(low end price)
Add me if interested or make a trade offer here:
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/r/cryptotf2: the subreddit i made to sell/buy tf2 hats with bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin!!

/cryptotf2: the subreddit i made to sell/buy tf2 hats with bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin!! submitted by lambmeow to tf2 [link] [comments]

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Sell everyday stuff to the bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin markets, get paid in dollars without ever facing volatility ⋆ Cdigi submitted by BusinessSuja to promote [link] [comments]

GCoin Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Paypal basic exchange Sell limit raised to G2,000,000 per week.

GCoin Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Paypal basic exchange
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Please sell your Bitcoins and buy Dogecoins. This app (Android & iOs) will tell you where to get the best deal!

Dear Shibes,
we've been mining ourselves for quite some time, one of the main problems we always had was the huge spread of sell prices across all the exchanges So at some point we wrote a little console tool that compares the prices of all major exchanges including fees and tells us where to sell for the highest profit. We realized that if it's a helpful tool for us, other people would probably find it useful too - so we rewrote the logic, slapped a sleek interface on it and here we are
TL;DR: Huge spread across all exchanges for currencies, this app compares the realtime rates (including fees) and tells you where to sell to get the most out of your mining efforts
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Currency Digital: make money selling to bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin communities

Hey guys!
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2nd worst ROI from CMC Top 50 coins...Wow

Reviewing the top 50 cryptos as of 09/15/2020 revealed some interesting items to note. Of the 50, only 7 have negative ROI. Algorand has the second highest only to be bested by ZCash.
Bitcoin ROI 7,877.04%
Ethereum ROI 9000%
Tether ROI 0.08%
XRP ROI 4,069.93%
Polkadot ROI 87.20%
Bitcoin Cash ROI -57.41%
Binance Coin ROI 9000%
Chainlink ROI 7,138.70% Coin ROI 753.54%
Litecoin ROI 1,038.67%
Bitcoin SV ROI 86.21%
Cardano ROI 335.74%
EOS ROI 163.89%
TRON ROI 1,282.96%
USD Coin ROI -0.33%
Tezos ROI 440.90%
Stellar ROI 2,560.94%
Stellar ROI 2,560.94%
Monero ROI 3,532.85%
Neo ROI 9000%
UNUS SED LEO ROI 9.44% ROI 3,411.23%
NEM ROI 9000%
Huobi Token ROI 221.13%
Cosmos ROI -22.64%
UMA ROI 1,023.37%
VeChain ROI -14.13%
Aave ROI 3,941.56%
IOTA ROI 9000%
Dash ROI 9000%
Dai ROI 2.57%
Wrapped Bitcoin ROI 208.08%
Ethereum Classic ROI 593.27%
Zcash ROI -98.60%
Ontology ROI -68.73%
OMG Network ROI 568.78%
TrueUSD ROI 0.12%
Maker ROI 1,982.73%
THETA ROI 242.81%
Synthetix Network Token ROI 942.33%
Compound ROI 55.26%
Algorand ROI -89.10%
OKB ROI 288.81%
FTX Token ROI 284.56%
Basic Attention Token ROI 46.2%
Dogecoin ROI 403.98%
Kusama ROI 2,271.36%
BitTorrent ROI 181.38%
0x ROI 300.37%
Celo ROI 211.42%
NXM ROI 515.36%
What does this say? To me, it says that this coin was not only overhyped, it was and is completely overvalued as of this date. It has a near -90% ROI. In my opinion, that means early investors didn’t get what they were expecting, the pre-ICO team was way off base, and the valuation was done by persons inexperienced with the crypto space. It’s hard to see how the miss could have been so far off.
77% (approx.) of eligible buyers took advantage of the early refund process. This says a lot about confidence of returns. The auction schedule has changed which now favors early backers/relay nodes in a questionable manner. And there is no information as to the next auction which leaves relay nodes as one of the few mechanisms by which large amounts of coins are introduced into the market.
Billions of coins still need to enter the market and the process is to hold off on auctions and allow relay nodes and founders to stabilize the price via timing of the introduction of coins. In short, managed demand for a product that does not have the retail demand to move the price to near introduction price.
Wrapped Bitcoin had a 6 month head start and an almost 300% difference in ROI. as far as Zcash, we won’t go there. But it is interesting to note that it uses some of Micali’s work and Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn did reference prior works by Micali re: the Goldwasser-Micali-Rivest Signature Scheme.
I may have to amend my prediction of ETH displacement by several years since it’s very unclear now as to when all coins will be in the market. Think about it, would you invest in a 401k that had a ROI of near -90% ? This isn’t FUD. Where most coins provided a reasonable valuation, Algorand for some odd reason had this ridiculous valuation which exposes the inexperience relative to the crypto space. “Let’s hire some folks, tell them what we FEEL it’s worth, and get some people to market it. Oops looks like we seriously overvalued this thing.”
Schedule the auctions back to the original timeline. Let the price be dictated by the market as it needs to be. This will generate the needed demand and the price/valuation will be corrected by market forces and not a select group. Sure some will lose, but some will gain in the sell off. There is no way to moon if a select group regulates the influx of coins without a competing mechanism.
This is not financial advice. Do your own research. This post is for entertainment purposes only.
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Your Choice To Make

TL;DR: Wakey wakey, give a crap about freedom, or accept the consequences.
Another Sunday afternoon, another news item about Monero being delisted from a centralized exchange, this time in Australia.
Last year it was OKEx and others.
Just a few days ago it was Coinspot.
It is sort of an open secret that Coinbase is not listing Monero due to external pressures. Today we're hit with news that Kraken will be ceasing Monero trading for AU residents.
And you will also recall that Japan and South Korea have made similar moves.
It's a near impossibility with me, especially when powered by caffeine, which is most definitely the case today, but I will try to make this brief, sweet and to the point.
These are not isolated incidents. There is an International Organization™ in particular orchestrating, behind the scenes, the policies and requirements that financial institutions (crypto exchanges have since joined that category for this purpose) must follow, or else.
Here is what bothers me about this.
Have you been consulted about this? Anyone you know?
Heard of it in the news?
Yeah, me neither.
You have to know where to look to find some information on what they would like to see happening (we'll get to that in a moment), and often you have to read PDFs with dozens of pages to find the good stuff too.
I will leave that as an exercise to the reader. Suffice to say, I have been digging a bit deeper myself, and what I found shocked me.
FATF wants nothing less than the complete elimination of anonymity and privacy in financial affairs, even going so far as to consider BANNING peer to peer transactions so that people are forced to interact with each other through exchanges, where data collection is more reliable and certain, effectively obliterating one of the major selling points of cryptocurrency (p2p-ness) with complete disregard for the millions of people who are already onboard with the vision.
No privacy and no anonymity, imagine that.
Many of you probably already use plastic cards for everything, day in day out, and don't think too much about this stuff.
But the fact that an international organization that you have little to zero democratic control over is planning to get rid of class of financial tools that 99.99999% of people don't even realize exists yet should give you pause for concern.
The tools I speak of are, of course, digital cash-like cryptocurrencies like Monero.
I would like you to PAUSE, daydream a bit, visualize and imagine, what a world without zero financial privacy/anonymity would look like.
Consider, this has certainly not been the case in human history, ever -- yes, even today.
Today most of you still have cash as a choice. But what happens when that goes out of the window, and the only options are CBDCs, CorporateCoins, and transparent cryptocurrency ?
Needless to say, both in the case of CorporateCoins and CBDCs, there will be little to none privacy/anonymity, and even if there was (in the case of CorporateCoin), the state would obviously bully its way into it and force them to do otherwise (without being asked to do so, of course).
So, imagine that world.
Every donation you make. Every $50 transfer to a friend or family member. Every item you buy. Every service you purchase. Every money you send to help a friend you.
All of it stored, forever, to be accessed later at will for whatever reasons.
Would you make the same choices, knowing that your entire financial life is entirely exposed to powerful organizations of which you likely know very little about and almost certainly can hardly ever influence at all?
Does that seem like a good recipe for a free society?


The people at the top either don't care about the consequences of what they're imposing worldwide, or they don't understand.
Sounds highly concerning to me either way - It comes down to either bullying or ignorance.
Would you ever have truly heart-to-heart conversations if you knew your worst enemy was potentially watching and recording everything?
Could you make passionate love knowing hundreds of strangers are analyzing your every move?
Can you be spontaneous knowing you are being recorded?
What if you did not have a choice in those matters ?!
What if someone has already decided for you, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your country, that you are all potential criminals and the thing to do is to keep records on everyone, just in case ?
Newsflash: It already happened.
It's been happening for awhile, and it seems to be picking up pace; the technology that was going to liberate us, slowly enslaving us instead -- because the general public largely does not understand the issues at hand, while the elite certainly does, and boy oh boy, are they thrilled with the technological advancements that help them cement their power.
What do I mean by cement?
Imagine trying to kick-start civil rights in a place where every social map is known, everything a person is interested in is known, every transaction they make is known, every website they have visited is known, every time they step on the street, an AI-powered camera automatically identifies them and tracks their movement.
You would be unable to organize. To exchange value. To discuss behind curtains, so to speak.
You would not have any privacy, and you would not have any anonymity.
Could you be free under these circumstances?


It's been a long road towards more freedom, but nowdays it is disappearing fast. Stopping to consider the implications is a most pressing issue.
They want Monero(-like tools) GONE because Monero ACTUALLY would change the paradigm.
By the time they are done with their "recommendations" (which really mean: comply, or else...), mark my words, there will be a name behind every Bitcoin address in some centralized database, query-able by partners in deciding who can and cannot use the system.
Merchants will be forced to perform chain analysis and by law they will be compelled to reject/refund/report transactions coming from "anonymous clusters" (addresses that are not known to have an identity tied to them).
This is what the normalization of the lack of privacy has brought us.
The possibility was there, and they took it. Of course they did.
I repeat, it is no accident that it's not Dogecoin and Nano, Bitcoin or Litecoin being delisted.
The star of the show (for better or for worse) is Monero, and that is because it works.
It lets you transact anonymously and privately, like cash - why the hell should FATF know that you sent $500 to your mother last week? in fact, why the hell should they know your entire financial history?!
When cash goes (and we can be fairly certain that it will be gone; would already be gone if this sort of authoritarian mindset had its way), Monero or tools like Monero, will become the only way to make any transaction outside the eyes of the state.
It's not because you have anything (nefarious) to hide. It's not because you're a criminal.
Rather, it's because to accept anything else is to bow to tyranny.
It's your choice to make - are you meekly going to accept that in perhaps less than a decade there will be zero privacy and anonymity in financial matters, or are you going to fight back?
Will you organize, campaign, email, discuss, spread awareness?
Will you spend precious summer Sunday afternoons writing for strangers on the Internet trying to help a few more see the major shit-show we're headed into?
Or will you be a good boy and do what you're told?
Tomorrow, by the way - if left unchallenged - it won't just be financial privacy that disappears.
One of the most prominent examples in the introductory part of this post (Australia) has already made quite clear that they don't like the fact that people can hide things from them (encryption).
In other words, either they know about it (and archive it forever), or you better let them know. After all, a threat - any threat! - could be lurking somewhere in that encrypted data. And you have nothing to hide anyway, yes?
This is a cryptocurrency sub though so let's not steer too far from that. It is important to remember that ultimately the issue is the same though - totalitarian control over everyone's life; mass-surveillance, and the ability to rewind and see someone's entire life exposed for the benefit of the state.
Their actions are letting you know what really works and what really threatens the status quo. That is useful information.
If you care at all about the freedom and privacy of your future self, your friends and family, children present or future, I think you would do well to think long and hard about these issues.
Because the direction assumed by the most prominent regulators seems to be headed in a uniform direction - that is no surprise, seeing as how they meet with each other.
You have to ask yourself though, is this for your benefit, your safety?
Or is it to keep the statuo quo?
How would the world be different if human beings - regardless of color, nationality, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs- with an Internet connection could freely exchange value privately and anonymously (the way we can still communicate private and anonymously in most places today - though not so in authoritarian places like China, AND THAT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE)?
It would be instant, like an instant message. It would cost very little.
Well, I have news for you: It's already possible, and a growing number of people are realizing this.
This tool is called Monero. It exists today, and the cat is out of the bag. The technology will only get better, and more interesting tools may even come along later.
In fact, barring mass persecution of open-source developers, that is very likely what is going to happen, as ultrasmart people everywhere congregate in virtual spaces to discuss better ways to do stuff.
If we keep losing our right to be left alone until suspected of a crime, life will increasingly come to resemble what the regulator types are - consciously or unconsciously - creating: a Panopticon society.
If you don't speak up, then the decision has already been made - and you're probably going to live to regret being complicit in it.
Freedom or Tyranny. It's your choice to make.
p.s: Yes, totally failed at making this short. I guess it's just not my thing.
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