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  1. 5209 points, 43 submissions: dEBRUYNE_1
    1. [Mandatory Upgrade] Monero "Helium Hydra" Released (354 points, 384 comments)
    2. Monero Compatible Bulletproofs (343 points, 61 comments)
    3. Monero GUI "Helium Hydra" Released (311 points, 178 comments)
    4. A note on fees (228 points, 80 comments)
    5. Monero Core GUI Beta 1 Released (213 points, 145 comments)
    6. The GUI binaries have been finalized! (205 points, 115 comments)
    7. [MANDATORY UPGRADE] Monero "Wolfram Warptangent" Released & Monero GUI Beta 2 Released (190 points, 127 comments)
    8. Monero GUI "Helium Hydra" Megathread - Download links, guide on how to get started, and guides to resolve common issues (missing a transaction / zero balance, freezing / buggy GUI, transaction stuck as pending, and GUI using all bandwidth) (187 points, 189 comments)
    9. [Seeks Funding] Moneromooo full time coding, January-March (179 points, 55 comments)
    10. A small note on second-layer stuff (e.g. side-chains, lightning network) (145 points, 148 comments)
  2. 2430 points, 18 submissions: SamsungGalaxyPlayer
    1. Welcome! If you're new to Monero, please take a few minutes to learn WHY Monero is different :) (313 points, 51 comments)
    2. This is the first time Monero's StackExchange has exceeded 10,000 visitors per day. Congratulations all! This community rules! (268 points, 10 comments)
    3. Disclosure of a Major Bug in CryptoNote-Based Currencies (198 points, 253 comments)
    4. I'm Disappointed (197 points, 278 comments)
    5. Monero Meetup Kit, here we come! (171 points, 21 comments)
    6. Multisig n-1/n Pulled to GitHub for Review (162 points, 33 comments)
    7. Custom Monero Hardware Wallet Updates (136 points, 54 comments)
    8. Put your money where your mouth is (123 points, 74 comments)
    9. An Unofficial Response to "An Empirical Analysis of Linkability in the Monero Blockchain" (122 points, 20 comments)
    10. Update Regarding Minimum Ringsizes (111 points, 75 comments)
  3. 2387 points, 21 submissions: Rehrar
    1. Purism Collaborates with Cryptocurrency Monero to Enable Mobile Payments (330 points, 28 comments)
    2. We up now boiz. (247 points, 74 comments)
    3. New website pretty much done, update in comments. (173 points, 67 comments)
    4. MASSIVE Website Update! (140 points, 52 comments)
    5. Don't like something? Change it. We're not doing something? Do it. Get involved! (139 points, 43 comments)
    6. How to help Monero - Why Monero? (132 points, 16 comments)
    7. ENOUGH with the BTC/BCH debate here! (125 points, 43 comments)
    8. redesign! Please critique and discuss. (111 points, 81 comments)
    9. How to help Monero (part 2.5) - Rethinking Organization (99 points, 6 comments)
    10. Now that we've taken a breather, let's calmly discuss Wikipedia (99 points, 39 comments)
  4. 1979 points, 7 submissions: cslashm
    1. Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero integration started (392 points, 135 comments)
    2. Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero integration : some news #4 (384 points, 155 comments)
    3. Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero integration : some news (289 points, 67 comments)
    4. Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero integration : some news #3 (270 points, 65 comments)
    5. Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero integration : some news #2 (231 points, 58 comments)
    6. Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero integration : some news #5 (213 points, 102 comments)
    7. Ledger Hardware Wallet - Monero integration protocol and application specification (200 points, 108 comments)
  5. 1857 points, 17 submissions: serhack
    1. Hello world! Mastering Monero is coming soon! (270 points, 114 comments)
    2. Purism can accept Monero (220 points, 36 comments)
    3. Monero Integrations Update #8 (145 points, 81 comments)
    4. Monero Integrations Update #11 (124 points, 29 comments)
    5. Monero Integrations Updates #7 (114 points, 49 comments)
    6. Monero Integrations Update 9 (112 points, 33 comments)
    7. Envato accepted Monero WooCommerce Payment Gateway! (105 points, 17 comments)
    8. Wordpress WooCommerce Extension Released (90 points, 40 comments)
    9. Web Integrations Update: First milestone completed (86 points, 25 comments)
    10. Monero Prestashop Payment Gateway by serhack | CodeCanyon (84 points, 18 comments)
  6. 1568 points, 8 submissions: fluffyponyza
    1. Project Coral Reef: furthering mainstream adoption of Monero (756 points, 224 comments)
    2. Addressing the Monero Enterprise Alliance troll video announcement (156 points, 175 comments)
    3. Yesterday we broke 10gbps serving Monero downloads, mostly to the USA, China, Russia, & Germany (155 points, 19 comments)
    4. My wife exercised her creative flair today, and it's amazing (126 points, 23 comments)
    5. Globee's Secret Project Fundraiser / Marketing Opportunity (116 points, 140 comments)
    6. [Funding Required] Shen Noether, for work on RingCT and multisig (yay) (114 points, 39 comments)
    7. Vegas, baby! (BlackHat, DefCon) (76 points, 35 comments)
    8. fluffypony's March Conference Circuit (Mostly Europe) (69 points, 24 comments)
  7. 1526 points, 13 submissions: Bitcoinfriend
    1. Charlie Lee tells Snowden why Monero is better than Zcash (259 points, 48 comments)
    2. Monero (XMR) Rise to the Top: Banking on Privacy (235 points, 26 comments)
    3. Highly Anonymous Cryptocurrency Monero Peeks Out Of The Shadows (141 points, 8 comments)
    4. All You Need to Know About the Monero Cryptocurrency in Six Minutes (139 points, 8 comments)
    5. 40k Subs, Growth Is Noticabley Speeding Up (132 points, 15 comments)
    6. Article About Monero (125 points, 45 comments)
    7. Monero Mentioned In Fortune Article (100 points, 24 comments)
    8. Payza Adds New Cryptocurrencies to Exchange, Including Monero (77 points, 7 comments)
    9. We Just Surpassed Litcoin! (75 points, 22 comments)
    10. Monero Cited 4 times in New Forbes Article (65 points, 23 comments)
  8. 1297 points, 9 submissions: TheFuzzStone
    1. Monero’s Multisignature Implementation Officially Enters Testing Phase (334 points, 38 comments)
    2. A London startup is launching a debit card that lets you spend bitcoin and Monero (284 points, 58 comments)
    3. ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴ psst, wanna some mobile wallet? (139 points, 19 comments)
    4. Sup-sup Monteros! One ukrainian exchange want to add Monero! Just put some like under this post. (107 points, 22 comments)
    5. Monerujo update! (100 points, 53 comments)
    6. "Yes, we're almost done with $XMR" (c) Coinomi (97 points, 45 comments)
    7. Happy #hard_fork! (91 points, 37 comments)
    8. News from [Monero_RU Team] (82 points, 8 comments)
    9. News from [Monero_RU] (63 points, 12 comments)
  9. 1256 points, 8 submissions: isrly_eder
    1. Can we take a moment to appreciate the diligence and testing that has gone into our multisig rather than a rushed implementation? (350 points, 63 comments)
    2. It's been 8 months since we lobbied Wikileaks to accept a truly anonymous currency. They accept BTC and LTC and call bitcoin "secure and anonymous" – it's time we let them know they're putting their supporters at risk (246 points, 27 comments)
    3. Can we give a shoutout to Coinhive? They're doing some incredible things to drive monero adoption (159 points, 84 comments)
    4. Reminder that Theresa May and Emanuel Macron want to completely ban end-to-end encryption. It's only a matter of time until they target us (153 points, 51 comments)
    5. More detail on the digital currency panel in U.S. Congress tomorrow, and an introduction to "Safe Harbors" - aka how monero can be regulated without being destroyed (112 points, 32 comments)
    6. [Privacy] Telegram CEO admits that the FBI directly tried to bribe/pressure him. This is why we need decentralization. (110 points, 18 comments)
    7. In 1996, Michael Froomkin wrote an article entitled Flood Control on the Information Ocean: Living With Anonymity, Digital Cash, and Distributed Databases, in which he predicted the issues digital cash would face, and why anonymity is paramount for consumer and constitutional protection (69 points, 9 comments)
    8. Mandatory reading. The corporate data dystopia isn't sci-fi, it's already here. If anyone asks you why monero exists, send them this. (57 points, 4 comments)
  10. 1204 points, 7 submissions: CryptoCurrencyFreak
    1. I wrote this detailed guide on how to buy Monero with fiat. It uses CoinBase and GDAX with minimal fees. Hope it helps! (518 points, 143 comments)
    2. How To Use Monero Anywhere Bitcoin Is Accepted With (162 points, 23 comments)
    3. Snowden: Monero's privacy is primariy protected by the idea of Ring Signatures, which, while a huge step up from Bitcoin, are closer to a mechanism for "plausible deniability" than the true privacy intended by the zero-knowledge proofs used by Zcash. (162 points, 119 comments)
    4. Monero Update Released: Helium Hydra, Point Release 1 (149 points, 18 comments)
    5. I created a site where you can share your own XMR Stak configurations with others. (79 points, 20 comments)
    6. Sells For $43,600 (77 points, 23 comments)
    7. Anyone have any idea why the heavy Monero use in Mexico? (57 points, 42 comments)

Top Commenters

  1. uy88 (4177 points, 1099 comments)
  2. fluffyponyza (3588 points, 479 comments)
  3. dEBRUYNE_1 (3169 points, 859 comments)
  4. gingeropolous (2777 points, 403 comments)
  5. SamsungGalaxyPlayer (2690 points, 318 comments)
  6. snirpie (2360 points, 308 comments)
  7. ferretinjapan (2077 points, 276 comments)
  8. serhack (2062 points, 384 comments)
  9. smooth_xmr (1981 points, 336 comments)
  10. c-789 (1588 points, 184 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. Monero is here. by zigzagzig (816 points, 81 comments)
  2. 'Be Your Own Bank', A Cautionary Tale by taushet (781 points, 250 comments)
  3. Multisignature just got merged! by ErCiccione (757 points, 138 comments)
  4. Project Coral Reef: furthering mainstream adoption of Monero by fluffyponyza (756 points, 224 comments)
  5. "Privacy matters" starter pack by novawind (684 points, 116 comments)
  6. Coinbase hiring developers to work on "any digital currency you'd like". Get hired and get Monero on Coinbase! :) by msloan7 (654 points, 54 comments)
  7. John Mcafee on Info Wars - "If Bitcoin does have a serious competitor, it will be Monero" by ricolah (620 points, 195 comments)
  8. Ledger to have Monero support before end of Q1 - 2018 by marksburgunder (620 points, 67 comments)
  9. Monero is taking off, I'm looking to get IN NOW. by ScourgeDL (561 points, 125 comments)
  10. Had some fun yesterday evening restyling the Monero GUI in a dark theme. What do you think? by knueffelbund (547 points, 57 comments)

Top Comments

  1. 262 points: sorceryofthetesticle's comment in Monero is taking off, I'm looking to get IN NOW.
  2. 252 points: Mineu9999's comment in John Mcafee on Info Wars - "If Bitcoin does have a serious competitor, it will be Monero"
  3. 193 points: CapnFartfaceMcGee's comment in This will make you all laugh
  4. 193 points: john_alan's comment in US Senate Bill to Criminalize Concealed Ownership of Cryptocurrencies
  5. 185 points: mraindeer's comment in John Mcafee on Info Wars - "If Bitcoin does have a serious competitor, it will be Monero"
  6. 181 points: EricMuyser's comment in I've dumped my gold and silver. It's just Monero now.
  7. 173 points: baltsar777's comment in Invested over $1m into Monero
  8. 169 points: thereluctantpoet's comment in 'Be Your Own Bank', A Cautionary Tale
  9. 164 points: ViolentlyPeaceful's comment in Monero Privacy is NOT a crime or something to feel guilty about
  10. 161 points: TinusMars's comment in What are good examples to use when someone assumes Monero's intent is only for 'bad things/people'?
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Bitcoin fee

I'm using this plugin to process bitcoin payments on my website.
When someone sends a payment lets say they put in the fee 0.0008 the plugin sends the transaction to Bitcoin address and after 6 confirmation the transaction is forwarded to my Bitcoin address. Now when the transaction is forwarded to me the fee is 0.00029 and the transactions take forever or sometimes don't confirm.
Why is the transaction fee changing by the time the Bitcoin is being sent to my wallet address? Will I ever get the transactions that are being sent with the 0.00029 fee? I had a couple confirm at that rate but I have one transaction that's been unconfirmed for over 24 hours.
The plugin uses API.
submitted by Creative310 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

What's the best Bitcoin plugin for WooCommerce?

I'm looking for the best plugin to accept Bitcoin on WooCommerce. I had very bad experience with both BitPay and Coinbase, so those options are out of the table.
I've looked around on and CodeCanyon for solutions but nothing has been updated in years. It seems that most of the popular BitCoin plugins have been abandoned.
I'd like to use a wallet such as BlockChain. Anyone have any good alternatives to suggest?
submitted by RandomSuccess to woocommerce [link] [comments]

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First Ever GMC HUMMER EV “Electric” - YouTube

Crypto and Wallet UI kit can be use for Crypto and Wallet theme application in android and ios device. It contain 60++ Screens with different type of UI, Cry... #pctlion #goodsprings #ohh just south of Las Vegas it a living and thriving ghost town of Goodsprings. Its early history is integral part of Las Vegas. Come hike and explore with us. Countdown to ... Get ready, the Quiet Revolution is coming. All-Electric. Zero emissions. Zero limits. First Ever GMC HUMMER EV. Subscribe to GMC: ... How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast Using Velocity Banking How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years - Duration: 41:34. Think Wealthy with Mike Adams Recommended for you A quick run through of how to set up a digital wallet on Coinbase and link it to your coin geo mining app If you want to set up the coin app please use the link below ...